Our vision is to transform lives. We do this by disruptive social innovation that has an exponential impact. We believe that putting the individual at the core, thinking on a first principle basis and using technology, principles of exponential organisations, the power of collaborative social communities and design led experiences gives us ways to solve for issues where progress has been slow or ineffective.

Some of our endeavours



Mankind living in harmony with nature

Evergreen is a movement to restore ecosystems to their natural self-sustaining state. The objective is to develop a reforestation model with wider geographical amplitude focusing on restoring degraded landscapes using native species following the principles laid down under the Clean Development Mechanism by the UNFCCC. This ensures the sustainability of the forest with benefits from the carbon sequestered going to the local community.


The centre for education excellence

Transforming schooling; Transforming education; Transforming society

The Centre for Education Excellence is an initiative to continuously develop and evolve a new philosophy in education that better equips children to harness their potential, be happy, purposeful, compassionate and make a positive contribution to the world. The Centre will house an experimental weekday boarding Lab School in the outskirts of Chennai, where new ideas, theories and philosophies will be tested and validated. The school will be in stark contrast with any traditional school and will focus on skills and character, personalized learning, thematic subjects and holistic development of children between the ages of 11 — 18 years.



Living with dignity

Affordable Housing addresses the acute shortage of housing facilities in India, driven by population growth and an increase in mobility to urban and industrial areas for better wages and education. We focus on need based innovative housing solutions for various segments including blue collar workers and economically weaker sections of society. Our vision is to offer an exceptional experience, fit for purpose design at an affordable price point.

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